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Specialty Food and Craft Beers in Brighton, Massachusetts

At Brighton Gourmet and Cellar , you will find a host of specialty foods that are easily paired with our wines, as well as an impressive selection of craft beers in Brighton, Massachusetts.

Specialty Foods

Our gourmet specialty foods are handpicked specifically for high quality and easy pairing with our wines and spirits. We will work with you to match the perfect food with the best beverage. Our selection includes a variety of specialty foods, such as:

• Fine Chocolates
• Sauces
• Jams & Jellies
• Olive Oils
• Balsamic Vinegars
• Dressings
• Dips
• Cheeses
• Pastas
• Crackers
• Smoked Salmon
• Teas & Coffees

Craft Beers

We offer a variety of typical beers and craft beers for you to choose from. Typical beer is available just about anywhere, but craft beers offer a unique experience for beer lovers.

Our beers are available at an excellent price, and our selection may vary with the season. For more information, ask us about our current selection of craft beers during your visit and we will gladly help you find the best fit for you.

Contact us today for more information about our selection of specialty foods and craft beers in Brighton, Massachusetts.